Effective Nail Fungus Treatment Options You Can Use

Contact with harmful microorganisms is inevitable in everyday life. However, you can take measures to ensure that you maintain certain levels of hygiene to minimize the risk of contracting fungal infections. Some of them include;

  • Regularly washing your hands and feet. Once you have washed, it is of paramount importance that you dry the hands and feet effectively, to prevent any form of moisture from remaining on your body.
  • Appropriately trimming your nails. Remember, disinfecting the nail clippers is a must afterward. This will ensure that the tool isn’t a harboring ground for such organisms. It is also fundamental that you choose hygienic salons to undergo your manicures.
  • Wearing sweat-absorbent socks, or alternatively, wearing breathable shoes, is essential for foot hygiene. It prevents the accumulation of perspiration in the shoe.

Treating toenail fungus

Sometimes, even if you do take the necessary precautions, you could still develop nail fungus. You should understand the means you can take to treat toenail fungus effectively. Using inappropriate means could cause more harm than good to your health and that of the toenails. We will delve a bit deeper into the types of treatments you could use, highlighting the upsides and downsides of each.

1. Oral medication

Oral antifungal therapy is a way you use to treat this condition. Depending on the medication you are using, it can take upwards of ten months to know whether it is working. Even though such medicine is lauded for its high cure rates, it takes a big hit when it comes to its downsides.

Diarrhea, extreme itching, and splitting headaches are just some of the side effects ingesting such medication may pose on your health. If you are pregnant or have certain predisposed conditions, you are not allowed to take such. The medicine has also been known to cause liver damage.

2. Ozonized oils

These are oils infused with ozone gas. Some oils available in the ozonized form are olive oil and sunflower oil. These oils display positive effects similar to a traditional medication known as terbinafine cream in treating fungal infections. To treat toenail infections using ozonized oils, you need to apply them to affected nails two times a day for three months.

3. Topical medication

Topical medication is the sort applied to the specific alimented body part. When it comes to fungal infections, topical medications are suitable because they have a respectable curing rate, and they do not cause the side effects linked to other medicines.

However, not all medication works the same way. For the medication to work effectively and eliminate the fungus, it needs to penetrate through the nails and the skin of the affected area. Not all topical medications can do so.

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