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Mondial and Mondial i Denture Teeth


Are they real? Or are they Mondial?

When patients are considering a dental prosthesis but are concerned about keeping a natural-looking smile, Mondial® and Mondial® i denture teeth are the solution. Both lines feature NanoPearl® technology, a long-lasting, abrasion-resistant formula, along with precise INCOMP manufacturing methods and CAD/CAM moulds.
Mondial and Mondial i provide a natural-looking smile even with a dental prosthesis. Easy set-up allows for faster processing times, reducing overall costs.

We use CAD/CAM technology to create completely matched pairs of teeth, as well as a virtual articulator and clinical trials to ensure that Mondial and Mondial i teeth function like natural teeth. Bilateral digitalization guarantees that our teeth provide true-to-nature occlusion. Plus, our teeth can be set up for virtually any jaw relationship and require no spot grinding by a dental technician.
With our wide variety of mould designs, every set of Mondial and Mondial i denture teeth will articulate well and function with minimal interference.
All of our Mondial and Mondial i teeth give accurate intercuspal relationships, superior anatomical shape and physiological function. The line is available in a complete set of Vita® Classic shades. With such exceptional esthetics, Mondial and Mondial i denture teeth will satisfy even the most discerning patients.


Mondial® and Mondial® i Denture Teeth are made with the first denture acrylic material to feature NanoPearls, a combination of unique micro fillers and nano particles that far exceeds the standard material requirements.
Our nanostructure filler gives Mondial and Mondial i teeth an abrasion resistance previously only known in the field of composites. Independent abrasion studies conducted at the University of Heidelberg and the Charité hospital in Berlin revealed a 50% higher abrasion resistance for this new dental material compared with conventional PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) acrylic materials. The result: a significantly longer lifespan - and significantly happier patients.
We blend multiple layers of dentin and enamel to create a natural, lifelike effect never seen before. This blending of layers guarantees enduring color stability and long-lasting wear. It also produces a shading effect that is indistinguishable from natural teeth.
A three-dimensional multilayering technique developed by Heraeus elevates Mondial and Mondial i teeth beyond the distinct layering transitions of conventional denture teeth. This advanced process interlocks layers to produce a blended, translucent enamel that you would normally find only in natural teeth.
NOW AVAILABLE–Mondial 8i - 5° Denture Teeth
The innovative Mondial 8i - 5° posterior denture teeth feature lifelike flat cusps tailored to suit implant overdentures and geriatric prosthetics:
  • Perfect coverage of tertiary and implant structures through wider cervical area and high tooth volume
  • Better interdental closure and optimal cleanability through bigger proximal surfaces
  • Best Possible Manufacturing - Safe and fast set-up through definite bite index and maximized freedom in the centric relation
  • High wear and break resistance due to Nanopearls® material technology. The special Pala Mondial i morphology reduces excessive initial wear