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PALA Denture Materials

Pala Denture Materials

With over 70 years of experience and innovation PALA denture materials offer the best solutions for any situation.
Our acrylics and accessories exceed all specifications required by International Standards, and are subject to rigorous quality control. All materials are certified biocompatible.
PALA cre-active

NEW PALA cre-active: for natural-looking dentures!

PALA cre-active is a light-curing color fluid that enables you to provide individualized characterization of partial and full dentures, as well as implant procedures.
PALA cre-active is available in 12 colors and various consistencies, and may be applied directly. Available in sets or refills.

PALA Denture Catalog

WATCH a brief video to see how the cre-active system creates dynamically lifelike dentures! Click here to view.

PALA Denture Catalog

Explore the full range of PALA denture materials, including teeth, acrylics, and equipment, in the NEW Online Catalog!

PALA Denture Knowlege Book

PALA Denture Knowledge Book: this comprehensive online resource contains materials information and processing instructions along with helpful tips and tricks for creating dental prosthetics.

PALA cre-active® Light Curing Color Fluid System
"For natural-looking dentures."
The Pala cre-active set is the light curing colorfluid system for the characterization of dentures, creating a more natural, personalized appearance.
Use cre-active liquid stains to individualize veneers, implants, and prostheses.
Universally manageable due to the structural viscosity of the liquid stains.
PalaXpress® ultra Cold-Cure Universal Denture Acrylic
PalaXpress ultra Denture Acrylic
The high impact strength of PalaXpress ultra is based on an innovative material with an unique composition. The next generation of polymers bond evenly and firmly with the other constituents during polymerization to give the innovative high-performance denture base its high stability.

Dentures made from PalaXpress ultra are extremely strong and the material is durable and stable while still remaining flexible.

PalaXpress ultra features:

  • Cold cure
  • Up to 50 % higher fracture resistance
  • High processing reliability for laboratory fabrication
  • Exceptional quality in the proven PALA system

Paladon® ultra High Impact, Heat-Curing Acrylic
Paladon ultra denture acrylic
Paladon ultra can be used with ease on a range of applications such as implant overdentures, combination dentures, full and partial dentures.

Paladon ultra exceeds recommended values for fracture resistance, flexural strength and modulus of elasticity. This helps to increase the denture’s longevity and will ensure laboratory, dentist and patient satisfaction.


  • High impact strength and great fracture resistance (= 1501 J/M2)
  • Easy to de-flask with reduced risk of fracture
  • High customer and patient satisfaction
  • Highly durable material for fast and easy processing
  • High color stability and shade consistency
  • Certified biocompatibility for users and patients (ISO 10993)

Paladon® 65 Heat-Curing Acrylic Material
Paladon® 65 Denture Acrylic
HEAT-CURING Acrylic Material
Heraeus set the standard for prosthetics in 1930 with the development of Paladon, the first-ever heat-curing denture acrylic.

Even today, Paladon enjoys widespread use due to its special mechanical characteristics that allows it to pack easily with long working time.

  • Suitable for all dentures
  • Long working time of 60 minutes allows fabrication of several dentures at once
  • Delivers dentures with long-term stability
  • Low shrinkage for the best possible fit
  • Color stable and available in four colors
  • Low residual monomer after fabrication
  • Cadmium free and certified biocompatible
Palapress® vario Cold-Curing Denture Material
Palapress® vario Denture Acrylic
COLD-CURING Denture Material
Palapress vario is the classic cold-curing denture acrylic, suitable for repair work, re-basing, and adding saddles to partial denture bases.

With its particular handling characteristics, Palapress vario allows you to work safely, simply, and very efficiently.

  • Injectable/pourable auto-curing denture acrylic
  • Extended processing time
  • Easy to use, especially in combination with the Palajet® Injection Unit
  • Available in 5 shades.
Aislar Universal Separating Solution
The ALGINATE-BASED Universal Separating Solution
Good separation is the basis for well-fitting denture restorations. Aislar provides separation for both heat and cold-curing acrylics:

  • Perfect separation of acrylic/gypsum and composite/gypsum
  • Unimpaired curing of denture surfaces
  • High precision (no layer-forming)
  • Toxicologically and physiologically acceptable
  • Short drying time
  • Good shelf life
  • Formaldehyde-free alginate base
Palabond® Transparent Bonding Agent
Palabond Denture Acrylic
Functional and durable dentures require a stable and secure bond between the denture material and denture teeth.

Used consistently, Palabond transparent bonding agent prevents denture teeth from breaking off. It not only increases the bond between the teeth and the denture material, it also improves the bond between repair materials and the basic materials of the denture.

  • Durable gap-free bonds
  • No light-curing necessary
  • Applicable to all denture materials and acrylic dentures
Palaseal® Light-Curing Sealant
Palaseal light-curing sealant
This LIGHT-CURING SEALANT adheres to all denture base materials and PMMA-based temporary crowns and bridges.

  • Prevents plaque and food residue build-up
  • High surface hardness and abrasion resistance
  • Solvent resistance to denture cleaners
  • Provides a smooth surface with no polishing required