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Scannable Impression Materials

Flexitime Fast&Scan

NEW Flexitime Fast & Scan: Providing a way to digitize traditional impression material.

Flexitime Fast & Scan material supports CAD/CAM manufacturing of prosthetic restorations and offers optimal workflow integration for impressions and their digitalization.

Flexitime Fast & Scan provides you with higher precision. Impressions are scanned directly without the need for powder, providing greater accuracy, improved efficiency, and access to modern CAD/CAM restorations.

With over 10 years of proven impression performance and market experience, Flexitime Fast & Scan was developed together with dentists and labs to address new manufacturing processes and optimal digital workflow.

Flexitime Fast&Scan Digital Workflow
  • Ideally suited for one-to-three-unit impressions due to the extra-fast, yet flexible time concept
  • Benefit of modern CAD/CAM restorations thanks to powder-free impression scanning
  • Remarkably precise fitting and detail reproduction

Extra-fast, yet flexible setting time concept

  • Time-saving, more efficient working procedure
  • Even shorter time in mouth – for more patient comfort
More leeway with the setting time — Flexitime controls the polymerization kinetics by mouth temperature and sets rapidly after insertion into the mouth.
Flexitime Fast & Scan setting times

Scan precision with Flexitime® Fast & Scan

The image on the left is a color coded overlay analysis showing the precision of Flexitime Fast &Scan Putty/Light Flow two-step 3-unit impression of 1’ quadrant in comparison to master model; histogram showing distribution of deviations.
The image on the right shows the precision of the gypsum model poured of the same impression comparedto the master model; histogram showing distribution of deviations: maximum about 120 µm, clear stump deformations labial.
For achieving best precision, it is recommendable to scan the impression made of powder-free scannable impression material (see left chart). This approach is more accurate compared to scanning in further preparation steps (i.e. scan of a gypsum model, as shown in right chart). Manufacturing of a master model may cause further inaccuracy.
NEW Flexitime Monophase ProScan: Precise detail. Especially for implant impressions.
Flexitime Monophase ProScan is a first-class solution for all monophase indications including implant impressions, offering outstanding precision due to the balance of physical properties at the highest scientific level.
  • Higher shore A hardness ensuring final hardness ensures very good fixation ability
  • Superior hydrophilicity and flow properties for optimal flow behavior and best detail reproduction
  • Benefit from modern CAD/CAM restorations thanks to powder-free impression scanning
  • Remarkably precise fitting by balance of the high-level physical properties

In-vitro results of contact angles of unset impression materials

The contact angles of a water drop on Flexitime Monophase ProScan — a measurement for hydrophilicity — are on a superior level and demonstrate Flexitime’s excellent performance in the wet sulcus.

Flexitime Monophase ProScan Contact Angle