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Heraeus Bonding Agents

iBOND Self Etch and iBOND Total Etch provide customers with reliable, effective products for direct and indirect restorations.
The iBOND brand stands for high, reliable bond strength and is clinically proven to provide consistent results. iBOND offers convenient handling and quick, easy application as well as a demonstrated reduction in postoperative sensitivity. Both iBOND Self Etch and iBOND Total Etch have received excellent clinical reviews:

Dental Advisor

THE DENTAL ADVISOR has awarded 91% Clinical Ratings to Venus Pearl, Venus Diamond, Venus Diamond Flow, and Venus Bulk Fill. iBOND Self Etch received an "Editor's Choice" award, while iBOND Total Etch was named "Top 5th Generation Bonding Agent" for the second year in a row!

iBOND Self Etch & iBOND total Etch

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iBOND Self Etch

iBond Self Etch includes etching, priming, bonding and desensitizing, all in one step. It is the first real one-component-adhesive; all adhesive treatment steps are included in one component.

iBOND Self Etch simplifies the work of bonding with no need to mix. iBOND Self Etch is the 7th generation one-step-bonding system, an innovative material with classical indications.

iBOND Self Etch

iBOND Total Etch
iBOND Total Etch
iBOND® Total Etch is a new Etch & Rinse 2-step bonding system from Heraeus.
Due to the innovative nano-filler technology, iBOND Total Etch not only attains high bond strengths to both enamel and dentin but also ensures optimal marginal adaptation and is ideal for desensitizing hypersensitive areas.