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Under Every Restoration.TM

GLUMA® Desensitizer
Gluma is the most well-known and trusted desensitizer in the dental industry worldwide. Used in over 50 million restorations, Gluma is preferred over all others for eliminating dentinal hypersensitivity.
Just one drop of Gluma is all you need and the results are fast and effective. No mixing, no curing and no repetitive steps.
  • For treating cervical hypersensitivity
  • For use as pretreatment to priming and bonding in direct composite restorations
  • For use as pretreatment prior to placing compomer or amalgam restorations
  • Can be used with all bonding and restorative materials in any situation
Gluma Desensitizer

GLUMA® Desensitizer PowerGel
With the same proven efficacy as Gluma® Desensitizer, Gluma® Desensitizer PowerGel is a unique one-step gel formula desensitizer that allows for greater control and accuracy during application.
In addition, its unique green-color indicator provides visual ease of placement and rinse-clean capability.
  • No agitation or light curing required makes it easy to use and saves time
  • Can be used with all bonding and restorative materials, in any situation
  • Provides greater control and accuracy during placement
  • No-drip formula, so it stays where you place it, minimizing contact with soft tissues
  • Green color indicator allows for easy visual placement and rinse-clean capability
GLUMA Placement
Doctors and Assistants Hygienists
Use Gluma under every restoration— direct and indirect—to ensure your patients the comfort they deserve.
With the control of a gel and the confidence of Gluma, your patients will appreciate the fast, effective, and long-term results for a more comfortable prophy.
Under crowns
Cervical erosions
Exposed dentin surface
Inlays and onlyas
Gingival recession
Veneers and temporaries
Margins around temporary crowns
Under all direct restorations

GLUMA® Comfort Bond and Desensitizer
  • Prime, Bond, and Desensitize in a Single No-Mix Step
  • One bottle adhesive for priming, bonding, and desensitizing.
  • Simple to use -- requires no mixing.
  • Suitable for both moist and dry bonding techniques.
  • Indicated for bonding direct fill light curing composite or compomer restorations.
  • Bonding agent for indirect restorations (such as ceramic veneers, ceramic crowns, inlays and onlays) when used with light cure or dual cure luting cements.
  • The only 5th generation adhesive to include Reality’s Choice Five-Star award-winning Gluma Desensitizer.
GLUMA Placement