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Pala Mondial 8i – 5° and Paladon Ultra: The Ultimate in Esthetics and Function for Successful Implant Overdentures

The time and effort involved for the successful outcome of an implant overdenture can be compromised greatly by utilizing the wrong occlusal scheme, poor quality denture teeth, and low impact acrylic with low flexural strength.
Long-term patient satisfaction cannot be achieved without the use of quality materials and the technical know-how of the science behind the results.
With Heraeus’ new Mondial 8i- 5° posterior denture teeth and Paladon Ultra acrylic, the ultimate result of an implant overdenture prosthesis can be achieved.
Lingualized occlusion is the best choice for occlusal schemes when it comes to implant overdentures.
Dennis Urban, CDT
By combining a 5° denture tooth such as Mondial 8i-5° on the lower and a higher degree denture tooth such as Mondial 8i - 33° on the upper, the prosthetic provides true lingualized function.
In lingualized occlusion, the object is to have the lingual cusp of the upper teeth occlude with the central fossa of the lower teeth. The result is the relief of any off-axis stress or lateral force on the implant and attachment, which can cause the implant to fail.
Because of wider cervical area and large occlusal surface, the use of Mondial 8i- 5° against natural dentition or over implants without setting in lingualized occlusion can also provide excellent results.
Other considerations in choosing a denture tooth for implant overdentures is wear resistance. The Pala Mondial i tooth line exhibits high abrasion resistance which is of the utmost importance on all implant overdenture cases. The 6i anteriors and the 8i posteriors are so lifelike, it is difficult to tell that the patient is wearing a denture.
One of most problematic issues with implant overdentures is the fracturing of the denture acrylic around the attachment area and bar assembly area. This is mainly due to the compromised impact resistance and flexural strength of the denture base. While the reinforcement of the implant overdenture with a metal framework is recommended, equally important is the use of a high impact acrylic.
Paladon Ultra acrylic provides the strength necessary for the impact resistance and flexural strength needed for a successful case, while also providing the choices necessary for natural-looking tissue shades.
Successful Overdenture Considerations:
  • Communication between dentist, oral surgeon, and dental technician
  • Functional and equilibrated Occlusion (Lingualized)
  • Natural looking esthetics
  • High impact acrylic
  • The correct attachment and bar assembly choice
A successful overdenture case starts with the basics, and the basics include proper case planning. If the case planning involves Pala Mondial i denture teeth and Paladon Ultra acrylic, then the ultimate goal of giving the patient the best in a high end cosmetic denture will be achieved.